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A technician from this company was capable to install two outlets today. I called and the technician was very busy. To my surprise, the tech called me in early afternoon and he was capable to get the job done within 3 hours. This is my go to electric company for any electric job ! I’ll be calling as well as scheduling appointments with them for some other jobs done soon

Rommy Kim

Woke up today to discover that a part of electricity inside my home was out. Obviously, it included our fridge. I called this company and their technician was on way.I really appreciated exactly how thoughtful it was on his part to help!

Nick Andy

What an amazing electrical company to work with! Their electrician helped me to upgrade my electrical unit for my home. I contacted others, but they weren’t willing to do this work. This tech really did a wonderful job, was honest and told about the cost up front.

Heidi Simon

It was nice to come back home to a very well lit garage the last night! Thanks to these guys for doing a great job of getting the power back in our bathroom, repairing 2-way switch and replacing a missing switch as well as outlet covers in our garage. All was done for a very reasonable price! This company now is our go to electrical company!

Sonia Brans

What an awesome electrical company to work with! I needed a vent fan replaced in my bathroom. He called back quickly, asked about the work. He charged very fairly for the labor! He cleaned up after work was completed. Will recommend this company to friends and family.

Luci Perks

An electrician came to fix our switched dishwasher and garbage disposal outlet. He replaced our outlet box with correct type, replaced outlet, and labeled receptacles. He even reinstalled our intermittent outlet in a bedroom, without charging me anything extra

Julie Waters

How wonderful it was to work with this company. Stop the hunt for an electrician, as you stumbled on the electrical company you will wish to keep for your life! They are very courteous and knowledgeable. Thanks for your amazing services and your compassion.

Joseph Sanchez

This company is awesome! Their technicians were able to fix our electrical panel issue that we identified after we shifted into our new house. He even added a brand new 240 volts outlet and even installed my new electric car charger. He was patient, professional, and friendly. He ensured that I understood his explanation and did an excellent job.

Kirk James

They are amazing! I called them today and they were right there within a few minutes and fixed the bad job done by our previous electrician on my kitchen’s lighting. I definitely am putting them in my contact for any future electrical work.

Juanyi Fernandez

I have been thinking to write this review for a very long time. They have been the best electricians I've worked with. Fixed the issue in lesser than 10 minutes. I found their rates very fair...especially considering that they were able to get all the things done right at the first time.

Ahana Moore